UPEI New Student Orientation

Welcome to University of Prince Edward Island and New Student Orientation!

What is New Student Orientation?

New Student Orientation (NSO) is the collection of welcoming events, activities, workshops, videos, and information sessions that take place before and during the first week of classes for new UPEI students. NSO is a UPEI tradition, and as mentioned by various students, it can definitely be a highlight of your university experience! This year's NSO will consist of hybrid programming, in other words, a combination of in-person and online activities in order to better accommodate students on and off Prince Edward Island.

When is New Student Orientation Happening?

New Student Orientation 2021 is set to take place between the dates of September 1st -- September 18th 2021. We might have some light programming, emails, and social media communications beforehand, but, you can expect NSO to start strong on the first day of September 2021!

How Do I Register and Get Involved with NSO 2021?

Registration is now open for NSO 2021! Use the link HERE to apply! Additionally, be sure to follow us on our Instagram @nso_upei and to join our Facebook Group "UPEI NSO 2021" to remain updated on everything NSO!

Who is Involved with New Student Orientation 2021?

New Student Orientation brings together all of UPEI's Diverse community of faculty, staff, and returning students in an effort to create a welcoming, friendly space for new students on-campus. It is a collaborative effort, and, your best chance at meeting not only all of your fellow new students but also everyone else!

FUN FACT: The highest head count for NSO was in 2019 where 1265 students were involved!

Who Do I Reach Out to if I Have Questions About NSO 2021?

During New Student Orientation, incoming students to UPEI are paired up with returning students who act as leaders and mentees. If you have any question, you can always ask a leader; or, Contact This year's New Student Orientation Coordinator, Jose Gonzalez, via email or one of his social media channels:

  1. Via email - nso @ alpnanobioschool.com
  2. Via Facebook - UPEI NSO Coordinator
  3. Via sets - upei_nso
  4. Join our Facebook Group "UPEI NSO 2021"

"I cannot wait to meet you all, and get this crazy week going!”

Jose Gonzalez
New Student Orientation Coordinator 2021