Committee Membership

Animal Care Committee (ACC) members

  • Shona Whyte (Chair)
  • Paul Bernard (Biomedical Sciences Rep)
  • Shannon Martinson (Pathology and Microbiology Rep)
  • Tracy Doucette (Psychology Rep)
  • Stephanie Hamilton (Companion Animals Rep)
  • Cate Creighton (Companion Animals Alternate Rep)
  • Stevan Springer (Biology Rep)
  • Alex Dixon (Community Rep)
  • Hilda Colodey (Community Alternate Rep)
  • Dylan Michaud (Grad Student Rep)
  • Rachel Moore (DVM Student Rep)
  • Melissa Perry (ACC Administrative Assistant)
  • Yanwen Wang (NRC-Charlottetown Rep)
  • Zoe Grutzner (Technician Rep)
  • Jonathan Spears (University Veterinarian)
  • Chris McQuaid (AVC Manager of Animal Resources Rep)
  • Nadja Bressan (FSDE Rep)
  • Rhoda Speare (Biosafety Officer)
  • Marc Richard (Synapse Technology Transfer and Industry Officer)
  • Sami Khedhiri (Non-Animal User Rep)
  • Bronwyn Crane (Health Management Rep)
  • Morgan MacKinnon (DVM Alternate Student Rep)

ACC  protocol submissions (new, renewal, or amendment) are typically due the first Friday of the month.

Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) members

  • Chelsea Martin (Chair)
  • Dan Hurnik
  • Rhoda Speare (Biosafety Officer)
  • Ali Ahmadi
  • Adriana Catalli
  • Beatrice Despres
  • Brad Haltli
  • Nicole MacDonald Jay
  • Zach Maw
  • Angela Riveroll
  • Joel Ross
  • Liz Rostant (Manager, Health and Safety)
  • Travis Saunders
  • Jonathan Spears
  • Shona Whyte

IBC protocol submissions (new, renewal or amendment) are typically due the last Friday of the month.

Research Ethics Board (REB) members

  • Mike MacLellan (Chair)
  • Esther Wohlgemut (Vice Chair)
  • Hailey Brake
  • Nadja Bressan
  • Laurie Brinklow
  • Etienne Cote
  • Sarah Hewko
  • Emily MacQuarrie
  • Libby Osgood
  • Suzanne Rath
  • Kathy Snow
  • Charlie Sark
  • Jessica Strong

REB protocol submissions that do not involve ‘more than minimal risk’ may be submitted at any time. REB protocol submissions that involve ‘more than minimal risk’ are due the last Friday of the month.