研究 Contracts


研究 Services is responsible for the primary coordination, 谈判, and administration of contract research agreements for UPEI. 研究人员在对合同事项作出任何口头承诺之前,应寻求研究服务部门的建议和协助. 研究服务部将与研究人员协商一份合同,以满足研究要求,并符合大学的研究政策. 研究服务处的早期参与将有助于简化审查和签字的过程, and help to avoid delays.

Any agreement pertaining to research or involving a “6” account will need to be forwarded to and approved by 研究 Services.

What 研究 Services Can Do for You

研究 Services has experience drafting, 审查和谈判协议,有助于加快与另一机构安排协议的进程,并在过程中协调各个步骤. We can assist with the following:

  • Establish and draft appropriate agreements
  • Review agreements drafted by other institutions
  • Coordinate changes to contract drafts
  • Ensure compliance with UPEI policies & 程序
  • Assist/advise with budget development
  • Verify certification requirements
  • 就知识产权和商业化事宜与学院协会和突触进行协调
  • 协调签署过程,分发签署协议的副本
  • Open research accounts (“6” accounts only)


所有与研究相关的表格都通过UPEI罗密欧研究员门户网站电子提交. Please visit the 研究 Services Forms page for more information.

研究 Agreement Types

A 研究 Contract is a specific written, 大学与赞助方之间的法律协议, subject to the laws of the province in which the contract is awarded. A research contract normally includes clauses or statements pertaining to specific "deliverables" or output from the research project; a schedule and date(s) for the completion of work (including progress reports and a final report); funds payable to the University and the schedule for payment (often in response to invoices sent to the sponsoring party for expenses incurred); ownership of intellectual property resulting from the project, publication and disclosure; warranties, 赔偿, 和保险.

T在这里 are various types of research agreements. 研究服务可以帮助选择和起草/审查一份适当的协议. Several common research agreements are:

Collaborative 研究 Agreements facilitate collaborative research of mutual interest to UPEI, UPEI researcher(s), and the partnering institution(s), 项目成果可以共享,或有专门针对知识产权所有权和管理的条款. 学生和博士后研究员经常涉及这些类型的协议,他们的权利和利益必须考虑.

研究 Service Contracts UPEI是否会在合同中执行诸如分析类的常规工作, 需要很少或不需要原始智力输入的测试或其他服务. 知识产权和测试过程的权利通常属于赞助商, 等. used to complete the service remain with the researcher and UPEI.

Fee for Service Contracts UPEI与他人签订合同进行工作,承包商从研究账户获得报酬的合同是什么. The work must be included in the research budget, 并且必须完成一份引用研究账号的采购申请. 知识产权和测试过程等权利归UPEI所有. used to complete the service remain with the Contractor.

Fee for Service Templates: http://www.alpnanobioschool.com/finance/comptroller/contracts

Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) 在将材料从一个组织转移到另一个组织时使用.

Memorandum of Understandings (MOUs) 被用来形式化双方之间的一般理解和意图的一致. MOUs should not be used if a legally binding commitment is required.

Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) 或保密协议有助于双方共享机密信息, 并试图确保机密信息不向外界披露. 在进行R&D discussions with outside parties.

Guiding Principles to Consider

机密性: 保密安排通常包含在合同中,以试图确保机密信息不向外界披露. 在进行R&D discussions with outside parties.

Intellectual Property: Intellectual property (IP) ownership arrangements should be discussed, 并且每个项目都应该考虑以下几点:关系的性质和各方的互动, stage of the research, the intellectual and financial contributions each party will make, background IP each party will bring to the project, 以及其他可能影响拟议协议的协议或安排.  

出版: UPEI与涉及专有信息交换的各种行业合作伙伴合作. UPEI必须努力确保其研究和出版利益得到保护,同时满足行业合作伙伴的商业利益. Unless negotiated otherwise, 大学希望通过研究协议,使学生和博士后研究员能够自由地传播研究成果和论文答辩, UPEI研究人员将保留将研究结果用于学术和未来研究目的的合理自由. 保护专有信息或知识产权需要时间, temporary delays in disseminating research results may be acceptable.

宣传: 研究协议必须规定UPEI可以披露赞助商的身份, the title of the Project, the name of the Principal Investigator, and the Contract Period. 未经主办单位书面同意,学校将不会公布任何研究协议, ,反之亦然.

Indemnity/Warranty: UPEI通常不接受与合同安排相关的风险或责任,并将得到赔偿, and disclaim all warranty on research results.

Ethical Standards: 研究人员和合作组织必须遵守UPEI在使用人体受试者方面的道德标准政策, 动物, 生物危害, and use of radioactive materials.

Indirect Costs (Overhead): Indirect costs must be included in research contract budgets. 指 UPEI’s Contract 研究 Policy 为更多的细节. 

Signing Authority: The Vice-President, 研究和研究生学习被授权代表大学根据UPEI签署授权政策签署研究合同. 研究 contracts must be between the University and the sponsor, and should not be written in the name of an individual, 或部门.


Contract Approval Tracking Form (found on the 研究 Forms page)
Administrative Approval Form (found 在这里)
Account Modification Form (found 在这里)
Contract 研究 Policy
Conflict of Interest
Responsible Conduct of 研究, Scholarly, and Creative Work Policy 
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