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UPEI’s mission states that “…we are a community of scholars with the primary tasks to teach and to learn, to engage in scholarship and research…” and as a teaching and learning community, UPEI understands that our value to students is recognized through the quality of education and experiences we provide. To ensure we deliver on this value, UPEI is committed to building upon our strengths in teaching and learning to deliver transformative learning experiences that support our students in their development as lifelong learners, enabling them to reach their full potential in both the classroom and the community.

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UPEI Teaching and Learning works in partnership with faculty members, instructional staff, graduate students, and academic and service units to continuously build the UPEI learning environment through a commitment to the scholarship of teaching and learning, and by keeping pace with innovative and integrative technologies that support teaching, research, and scholarship.

Dr. Derek Lawther, UPEI Department of Physics

dr. derek lawther
dr. derek lawther in a physics lab
dr. derek lawther
Faculty, Success Story
dr. derek lawther

Dr. Derek Lawther is one of the pillars of teaching in UPEI's Department of Physics and the undergraduate Science programs. He is a long standing member in Physics, and a major portion of his teaching is directed towards life sciences students in courses such as Physics for Life Sciences I and II, and Physics of the Human Body.